JOBS – Job Opportunity Brokering & Support Programme

The JOBS programme is a hands-on approach to getting that job.

What is the JOBs Programme?

The JOBs programme is a hands-on approach to getting employment. Not only will we help you get a job, we will help you to keep it by providing mentoring and support to help work through any initial difficulties that may arise.
Over 75% of JOBs Programme clients find full-time work or go into full-time study (generally doing farming or construction courses).

We place our clients in a range of employment opportunities, from hammer hands to farming; customer services roles to factory work.

Join any time of the year for agriculture, construction and related trades training.

The Ag Challenge JOBs team get people into employment. Call today to set up an appointment.

Features of the JOBs Programme

  • Working with clients to find out what their employment goals are
  • Teaching new skills as well as refining existing skills
  • Actively seeking employment opportunities
  • Encouraging good, positive work place ethics
  • Assisting clients in job search skills and techniques
  • Helping develop marketable CVs
  • Finding work experience opportunities across any industry
  • Offering work-place support to ensure long-term employment outcomes.
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Testimonials From Successful JOBs Clients

Caitlyn – Whanganui – Employed

“I struggled for 3 to find a job in Whanganui. But after signing up for Ag Challenge, I learnt that it wasn’t so hard after all. While with Ag Challenge I learnt many skills, such as basic tool usage, how to plan and put together fences and how to be a key team player. I have been employed since January, thanks to the hard work of myself and my tutors. Thanks Ag Challenge! I couldn’t have done it without you!”.


S Wilson – Whanganui – Employed

“Ag Challenge JOBs Course is working well, keeping me motivated and putting me on the right path to finding work”.


John – Whanganui

“The course worked out well for me, I enjoyed it as it was hands on learning outdoors. I helped me to be more confident on my own and with others. I found the experience to be very helpful, stepping out of my comfort zone and giving it a go”.


Anaru – Marton – Employed

“Ag Challenge has helped by giving me more useful experiences. They taught me new things and given me more confidence which has pushed me to look for more full time work. They even helped me get my driver’s licence”.


Zach – Marton – Employed

“Ag Challenge’s Jobs programme has be a benefit to both my job search and for learning new skills to help me increase my chances of being employed. Since starting I have applied for more jobs than I could have unassisted”.


Connor – Whanganui

“I enjoyed the Ag Challenge Course because my tutors were good at finding us jobs. The course motivated me to find a job. The tutors worked with me to gain my full licence and employment. The different jobs we did at course are good work experience that will help anyone gain employment especially those that actually want to work. The guys and girls that are on the course are good. I would recommend this course to any of my mates or family”.


Employer Feedback

“Ryan is the best I have had, the customers regularly comment on his great service and politeness. Get me another Ryan, please”.

“Aaron is a good worker. He has fitted into the team very well, displays good work ethics and picks things up quickly”.

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