Next Generation Milk Harvesting Technology New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture (Milk Harvesting) NZ2216

Level 3

The life blood of New Zealand!

To produce quality milk means maintaining a quality process for milking the herd.

This programme teaches you how to get the stock to the sheds, harvest the milk, keep the plant in tip top condition, understand quality control and manage effluent.

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Graduates will be able to

• Milk animals, maintaining hygiene and animal welfare
• Clean the milking plant and farm dairy to maintain optimum milk quality
• Assist with maintenance of the milking plant and equipment
• Assist with identifying milk quality problems and implementing solutions
• Assist with dairy effluent management.

Start Date(s)

February 2020, enrolments any time during the year


22 Weeks


22 Weeks Fulltime


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Leads to a Job As

as full-time milk harvesters or perform this work as part of a wider farm assistant role in the dairy sector

Or More Study

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